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Our Philosophy

Our Center's programs are designed to provide a rich, warm, supportive environment where the child may develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our educational objectives are based on our knowledge of children and the way they develop. Staff use a developmentally appropriate curriculum, based on each child’s age and developmental level.

Realizing that young children learn through play and “hands-on” experiences, each teacher plans a variety of learning experiences for each child to choose from. Interactions and activities are designed not only to encourage self-discovery and thinking skills, but to also develop children’s self-esteem and positive feelings towards learning.

With the use of carefully selected materials and equipment, much of the learning occurs incidentally and informally. Our emphasis is on thinking, rather than rote learning.

Children are given the opportunity to experiment, measure, observe, classify, problem solve, be creative and interact with children and adults in a positive, satisfying manner.

Our Curriculum

Our Center uses The Creative Curriculum®. We believe that curriculum models should be designed as frameworks that guide teacher involvement. In these frameworks are unique organizing tools that promote informed decision-making by teachers. The framework presented in this curriculum helps teachers:

  • Meet children's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development needs
  • Become good observers of children
  • Assess children's needs, interests, and abilities in order to plan appropriately
  • Use a wide range of teaching strategies that call for different levels of teacher involvement
  • Create classroom communities where children learn to work together and solve problems
  • Establish the structure that has to be in place for teachers to teach and children to learn
  • Plan meaningful learning experiences for children that build on children's interests and knowledge
  • Integrate the learning of appropriate skills, concepts, and knowledge in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology

The Creative Curriculum® is practical, logical, and meaningful to teachers and children. It translates theory into daily practice by presenting material with structure that makes sense. Click for more information on Overview of the Research on The Creative Curriculum.


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